GLOBE CODING is a world-class video distribution service that delivers uncompromising quality content to fans, produced in professional production environments that demand high quality, such as live music and theatrical performances.


GLOBE CODING is a high-quality internet video streaming service based on distribution technology and quality cultivated through live viewing video streaming for movie theaters, and an understanding of on-site stage production environments.

As the design allows LIVE Code linkage with multiple ticket agencies and fan club sites, rights holders can achieve an optimum service by combining them according to purpose.

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Viewing Procedure for GLOBE CODING Services

  1. Ticket Purchase

    Purchase tickets at domestic and overseas ticket agencies.

  2. Receive a LIVE Code

    In lieu of a ticket, a LIVE Code will be delivered to you from the ticket agency, via e-mail, your member page or other methods of contact.

  3. Access the Viewing Page

    The live streaming player will be activated once you access the viewing page and input your LIVE Code.

  4. Live Streaming

    You will be able to enjoy livestreamed footage in real time on the day of the event.

Benefits of Choosing the GLOBE CODING Service

One-stop service, including ticket sales

Ticket sales will use the GLOBE CODING service, which will be developed based on system coordination between LIVE Codes and "eplus", "Ticket PIA", and "LAWSON TICKET", three of the major ticket distribution companies in Japan. In addition, we also plan to work with ticket companies based in North America, Europe and Asia. By selling tickets at local ticket companies in other countries, promotion can be made using the native language of each location, which will further promote ticket sales.

Japanese Ticket Sales Companies
Ticket PIA, e+(eplus), LAWSON TICKET
Overseas Ticket Sales Companies
KKTIX(TW / HK), Global Interpark(KR), LiveFrom Events(US / UK)

Achieve a higher-grade viewing environmentthrough high quality means

As a professional-use video distribution platform designed as a basic service that maintains a high level of video and audio, from on-site encoding at the venue to the player provided to viewers, live content can be delivered to personal devices without an impairment to presence or realism.

Adopting HEVC 4:2:2 10bit video processing technology used in the broadcasting industry, as well as the industry's highest standard 384kbps AAC-encoded stereo audio, the highest quality video and audio is provided to assist with brand value improvement and fostering loyalty. Customers will be able to watch on computer and phone browsers, TVs used as casting monitors, and viewing apps.

Viewing Environment
  • Computer browsers, smartphone browsers, Smartphone App, mobile tablets
    to learn about supported browsers for each operating system

All content is protected with DRM* and encryption technology by default digital rights management

As videos handled by GLOBE CODING are encrypted in real time using DRM from three major companies - Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, and Microsoft® PlayReady - illegally copied or downloaded video content cannot be played back.

DRM is essential technology for protecting content when distributing videos over the internet not only within Japan, but to the rest of the world as well.

to List of DRM by OS and viewing environment

Service optimization and value maximizationthrough flexible cooperation methods

We provide flexible customer support, from ticket sales to delivery. Please feel free to contact us.

Leave it all to us!

​All-In-One Plan

  • Ticket Sales
  • Stream Upload
  • Streaming Service

The All-In-One Plan is a package that provides total support for event streaming, such as outsourcing to major domestic ticket sales companies, streaming preparation, and same-day monitoring. Through real-time coordination with ticket dealers, it will be possible to purchase tickets right up until just before the performance begins, as well as providing support for last-minute demands from tens of thousands of people, providing you with ease of mind.

Try using this plan as a streaming service for your own brand!

​White Label Plan

  • Stream Upload
  • Streaming Service

When rights holders each have their own payment method, such as a fan club, this plan will enable you to use your own video streaming service by implementing LIVE Code coordination on your website. Matching the design and image of the event notification site according to your request will assist in improving customer loyalty.

Safe, simple operability through LIVE Code linkage

With the GLOBE CODING service, it is not necessary to acquire any personal information when viewing, so customers can start watching without filling out any complicated forms - even when they arrive just before the event starts.

The Live CODE system is designed for simple operability: after purchasing a ticket, a unique LIVE Code is issued to the user, which is then entered on the viewing page to authenticate viewing availability.

Video streaming function for missed events

Customers who could not make it in time for the live broadcast can re-view the event immediately afterward by adding this function.

General Streaming for Multi-distribution Services

Uploading from the Venue

Signal uploads will be conducted safely and securely by avoiding any trouble that may occur due to network traffic around the venue.

Delivered to Servers Specified by Each Company

By gaining an understanding of the various specifications of each distribution company, an online system can be provided to safely deliver the signals required for the streaming service to the specified location via server in Tokyo.

Comparison with General Video Streaming

Comparisons between general video streaming quality and video provided by GLOBE CODING can be seen below. If the image is distorted or experiences stuttering due to the speed of the internet or Wi-Fi in your viewing environment, please change your viewing environment before watching.

Inquiries regarding streaming requests

For inquiries about GLOBE CODING and requests for explanatory materials, please apply using the form below.

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